About Us


I was often the kid that was told I was different because I did not like to succumb to everyone's standards. I always excelled in school, but I had a passion for fashion and wore urban clothes. As a result, I was stereotyped for being different. My friends were shocked because I did not care to participate in the same activities as them. Growing up in an urban area and having a strong southern vernacular made me insecure to express myself among my peers.

 Later in life, I found a new love for business! Taking classes in business taught me so much. It is easy to sell when you are relatable, and let’s be real how many people you know that talk properly for real? So I learned to be myself and thrive to be the best I can be. I enjoy selling products and presenting in front of people. My mom saw my talent in marketing and decided to let me use my skills for her business. While working for her I set goals. I challenged myself to double the followers she had on her social media platforms. This new found love led me to going to East Carolina University. I am currently pursuing a Marketing degree. 

This brand represents everything I love in one. I have always being authentic to my morals, values and never changing no matter what comes in my life. I will always strive to be different. This mindset helped me to adapt to being a different breed and like any breed the one that stands out the most comes with a big price. I want my legacy to motivate people to truly express themselves, no matter how others may feel. So my question to you is “what makes you a different breed?”